Sunday, November 8, 2015

gehry gehry gehry 3 times in one week but it's really goldberg goldberg goldberg

had the amazing opportunity to see frank gehry and his work 3 times in the last weeks
try not to miss his exhibit at lacma through march 2016

first at jfchen for a product design award ceremony

then he spoke to a relatively small group of us at the design leadership summit at his disney concert hall while being interviewed by paul goldberger who just wrote his biography titled 'building art'

it was intimate and he was so human, and approachable. it was such a treat and as he is 86 years old, it as a very special opportunity, to hear him describe his process and to know how thoughtful he is about what he designs, as well as lyrical.

then i went to lacma to see his body of work
it was so interesting to hear his therapist speak, and him being interviewed, and revealing much about
his inner self. of course, i bought the book as my interest was peaked.
here are my favorite buildings from the exhibit which i highly recommend

model jay pritzker pavillion chicago 2004

jay pritzker pavillion chicago 2004
pierre boulez concert hall a conversion berlin 2011-present

i espescially love his high rises

beekman tower spruce street nyc 2011

king street west mixed use toronto 2012-present