Thursday, February 12, 2015

speaking of art

recently surprised by equally amazing artistic and delicious meal
my daughter, the foodie, invited me to be her special guest and meet her in the arts district to attend this special 9 course meal
it took her 2 years to get invited
check out wolvesmouth

they get about 1000 requests per week for about 75 seats, 25 people 3 times per week
i would go back in a heartbeat

i was so impressed by the chef, craig thornton, that when i learned he is planning to move, i offered him my card. he worked at bouchon in vegas but you can read more about him here in la weekly article
i love the arts district downtown and have just completed a loft in the toy factory building on industrial street
just across from church and state restaurant

also home of one of my favorite la restaurants bestia, and my favorite bread in la, bread lounge

will follow up with some images of the loft project soon