Friday, May 25, 2012

cork display boards and how i transformed them for my studio

after reading the cork board story on houzz attached as a gadget i decided to share an idea i used for my studio wall work space

i bought some cork in a roll and some vintage frames from <a href="">big daddy</a>'s in la and at the pasadena rose bowl and i also went through my vintage textile remnants and picked some discontinued fabrics swatches that i liked and that fit into the frames

used a mix of vintage remnants of textiles tacked down with glue mounted over some cork
bought cables and hooks from systematic art so i could adjust and move them around

on their site i also really liked mixing in some acrylic picture holders and they keep pictures from curling
they look really cool empty or full of tacked on images

they look great all mixed up and i plan to keep on adding so the whole wall will be full


Sunday, May 13, 2012

paris only for 2 days

paris flea markets
great 18th c painted door surrounds at marchee biron
pr of painted and gilded venetian candelabras by decor antiques in marchee biron

leather gym mat as headboard objets en transit marchee dauphine

amazing textiles from leyla lebeurrier-ahi
great smalls from blandine lefevre marchee biron

more from blandine 17th c putti plaques

fabulous industrial and primitive pieces from quintessence playground
i love this place
great gilded and painted shelf aux trois singes

pair of steel doors w cremones
another great space in marchee paul bert by thibault nossereau
loved the gilded bull's head from butcher shop and the 1920's plaster cast leg
lantern made from 18th c fragments in marchee paul bert from alain lagrange
great group of frames by laurence betti
great linked zinc buckets used here as planters also have aviation antiques  
many dealers would not allow pictures and overall many do not have web sites so i linked to email addresses
the sites that do exist are not updates with regards to inventory
many are also not used to doing business online and are not responsive 
let me know if you need help with buying services and your french as i also offer these services

musee des arts decoratifs de camondo
beautiful building but i spent my time focusing on details
the kitchen is still spectacular and understated there is also a clean up kitchen that i had always seen pictures of but had never see n it in person with wood cabinets and a zinc counter and integrated sink that is divine

i had to go to the palais de tokyo as it had just reopened and it's open until midnight so it's a great thing to go to in the evening
the exhibit is entitled
intense proximite
here are some highlights
across the street was an amazing facade installation on the building being renovated in the square brignole galleria
huma bhabha
ellen gallagher
i also must mention a visit to my favorite neighborhood le marais district for walking shopping and the best schwarma ever at l'as du schwarma