Wednesday, August 27, 2014

i love stylepark

do you know this site?


it is worth looking at. i was reading the latest post and the

'what lodged in other's minds' icon caught my attention
different designers, bloggers, perspectives from the architecture venice biennale august 2014

there are many highlights but the one that spoke to me

charles brooking world of windows

so would like to think about and share windows that speak to us

sometimes its the quality of light and shadows(photo pinterest)
trying not to get captured by what one is looking at (photo pinterest)
but just for windows below are some of my favorites
which always seem to be architectural in nature and fabricated of metal mostly with small styles and rails


or the old world ones of wood or steel

and lastly the very clean contemporary sometimes with thin frame in wood or metal or frame less inoperable glass lights mounted with stand offs or against the background of stone and rough textures

this inspired windows came from a post on stylepark from ateliermob
portuguese architectural blog
i love how this posting has an exhibit with interesting points of view through panel slabs creating openings and cut outs