Sunday, September 9, 2012


i happened to be looking for trim for a client and  for my own AMD furniture pieces so i did a new extensive recent search
here's what i love
kenneth meyer textiles sold at thomas lavin los angeles

velour braid c15g
grosgrain ribbons 4097, grosgrain piping 1/2" 4097wl

travers by zimmer + rohde
sold at thomas lavin los angeles
lip cord 60000

strie tape 60006
outdoor trim also sold at thomas lavin
trio tape sahara t520-24

old world weavers
samarkand double pip
 zoffany sold at keith mccoy los angeles

kinsale braid
 claremont los angeles
sold at cowtan&tout los angeles
p0163.05, p.0163.04
p.0149.03, p.0103.03

p.0168.12, p.0151.03
p.1109.03, p.1103.05, p.1109.05
cowtan & tout trim
middle grosvenor cut fringe 5303-06 sand
arlington 2" wide braid 5410-02 sand
grosvenor .5" wide braid 5307-06 sand
schumacher los angeles

chateau braid 4cm 893033 topaz, sage & paprika
ebanista los angeles
lilla fringe walnut silk 990-210-100
at stark los angeles
justine1" braid w/ or without tassel fringe 32808 color 9720 & 9025
galliera 32234-9120 montsegur 33075-9081
janet yonaty los angeles
fringe rb 520 color a15
2 other places to visit in la that have inventory in stock
west coast trimming
who has moved from robertson in bh to los angeles
they will dye to match and
decor de paris
from left to right elements 294-496 002, park place 203-826 color 213, park place 202-826 color 235
pietra 200-300 color 757, naturale 200-293 color 587, 200-293 color 453
lana 210-333 color 002
lana 215-333 color 001 white can be dyed to match
needed a match so had it dyed at gentex
metallic trim
other then houles
samuel & sons
brush fringe 983-33545 color 022 platinum , 1.5" tassel fringe 985-20666 color ag antique gold
heritage trimmings
and finally
i always try to buy lots of vintage metallic trim
and use them often