Sunday, August 26, 2012

sofa shapes you'll want to use over and over

classic contemporary shapes
shiraz sofa by  meera sleight

wall sofa by living divani
k2 sofa by arflex
newtone sofa by moroso
modular sofa by ochre
crystal lounge sofa by glas italia
jalis sofa by cor
sofa daybed by ivano redaelli
curve sofa by living divani
timeless traditional shapes
chesterfield tufted sofa

camille sofa by verellen to order at trove in laguna beach ca
dreiss sofa by bobo
scallop sofa by j. hoffmann
draped knole sofa by cache
jayne sofa by liz o'brien
boston sofa by jean de merry
regency sofa by coup studio
ls0031 lucca sofa by lucca & co
fairhill sofa by george smith
saladino has many beautiful shapes
shelter sofa by john saladino
summer sofa by saladino 
brian max slipcovered sofa by axel vervoordt

Saturday, August 11, 2012

fabulous flooring

i have been hunting for a kitchen floor for a client
most of the homes i remodel for some reason usually have existing wood floors
so i don't for the most part add more wood floors
i usually look for stone and other options so i do not have to deal with stain, and plank matching etc...
if you are looking for wood plank floors that are new
i like to use alot of reclaimed wood floors and that is a whole separate search
but for new wood floors
cavendish grey in west hollywood has a few great finishes

french baked oak
 french oak with driftwood finish
here is a photo of the installation
but i strongly considered one of my absolute favorite floors companies from italy to redo this kitchen even though all of the floors in the house are wood oak thin planks
the company is i vassaletti
the price is really expensive euros 100-200 per sq. ft.
here are some of my favorite designs that they produce

reclaimend oak and walnut

reclaimed oak and cement
reclaimed oak and terra cotta
my favorite reclaimed oak and stainless steel
if you want to see some of these in person and some other great floors check out tridentum
here are some other great reclaimed and new floors that they sell
breadsticks y mix
cioccio pesto
due to budget we will go with these new limestone floors that i resourced from france that i can bring in for $18.00 per square foot
measure 12"x12" and cabuchons in petit granite measure 4"x4"
i am also considering some amazing metal floor tile that i am having fabricated in india for $30 per sq. ft.
that are wood base with laminated metal, and can come in any custom size planks and used in railroad, or herringbone, or any pattern. we are selling standard size 4"x12" boards.
available in three colors silver, brass, or copper and in new or dirty patinas. there is a smooth finish and a snake finish available for now, and will be adding a needle point.
smooth finish new above and dirty below

snakeskin finish new above and dirty below
contact me for further information