Saturday, September 20, 2014

vegetable garden, aeroponics, and a very special gardening tool now on market

my mission statement
i wanted to restate my mission in writing this blog so i remember and reflect on my initial purpose:
to render an organized online journal by editing aesthetic design elements and sharing inspiring resources
and imagery which elevate artful awareness

doesn't everyone want their own vegetable garden?
now, even if you do not have a spare patch of land,
 you can grow a vertical garden and you don't need a wall

here's a company that will provide all the tools and services
as well as explaining the process

la urban farms

no soil clean up
i have my garden in an extra patch of land
all get very dirty from soil
need to be monitored frequently but found a new great product

a smart garden system that monitors all levels water etc.. for you
can check your garden conditions from your smart phone
there is a solar panel in your garden sensor
which signals your water system controls

i have already pre-ordered one!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NY fashion week didn't want to miss the art

i want to share my 2 special site visits worth seeing if going to nyc
while in ny for fashion week for my inhouse textile cuffs

did not want to miss koontz exhibit at the whitney until october 19th. museum closes and reopens as metropolitan 20th+ contemporary space and koontz then goes to paris pompidou and bilbao

the collection is very comprehensive and i have a newly acquired respect for artist's technical execution
really liked some of the paintings
some of my favorite

some earlier works

since my last nyc visit the judd foundation reopened in soho and really enjoyed seeing his studio and works
no pictures allowed-reservations mandatory for guided visits

also this trip i visited the highline from 14th street meat packing entrance and enjoyed seeing the well designed walk, food, and new yorkers enjoying the landscape