Friday, January 24, 2014

counterpoint in design

i always get a rush when i am surprised
counterpoint in design
does it everytime
here are some examples that are rich in their choices

the louvre does it again and again

this has already been posted from my last visit to paris this past summer but has been an inspiration ever since 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

monactic spaces

monastic: of, or pertaining to, or characteristic of a secluded, dedicated, or austere manner of living

why do i love these kinds of spaces: they mean peace and serenity to me

kampin kappeli chapel, helsinki, finland

atienza music hall, huete, spain

chapel at creu, il porto, portugal

huge skylight church, tarragona, spain

la flama, puebla, mexico

martin luther church, austria

saint john baptist chapel, canary islands, spain

sunset chapel, acapulco, mexico

temppeliaukio church, helsinki, finland

lugo's history museum, lugo, spain
unknown but heavenly

whether they are old or new or a combination of both
i could move into any of them, materials are sturdy and pleasing, light is well integrated, and they are timeless spaces...
architects not mentioned, and there are thousands more...
my new year's resolution is to post more