Sunday, July 20, 2014

in the works: buildings that renew and conserve energy

buildings that renew and conserve energy

the smog-removing pavilion is being built by nemesi studio

apparently it will be constructed of a cement that is photocatalytic. when sunlight beats on the exterior
it turns unhealthy particulate matter in the air into inert salts
story first heard about on take part a social action web site

by studio daniel libeskind
clad in a self-cleaning, air purifying, metalized tile
for other pavillions to come to milan see article in archdaily

another building in progress

phoenix internation media center, beijing by biad ufo
energy saving features include rainwater will be collected by dropping naturally along the structural ribs into the collection tank which locates at the bottom of the building. After being filtered, the rain water will be recycled to water the artistic waterscape and irrigation for landscape. The cone-shaped shared space, which is 30 meters high, generates the chimney effect, which provides natural air ventilation to save energy during transitional seasons.