Saturday, January 26, 2013

a dealer to visit in france

19th c counter
18th c. painted wood and gilt columns
fabulous embroidered textile panel great as  a headboard 106"x39"
1900 painter's folding desk 

there is a dealer that i love in france
i never seem to get there
but next trip it is on my top priority list of places to visit
they are a collective of dealers
nord ouest
they send out weekly newsletter with new arrivals

Saturday, January 12, 2013

bedding in a guest room

hi and happy new year
i recently had to re do a bed skirt and fix a bed in a guest bedroom in my home and didn't want to take a lot of time or spend a lot of money fixing it, so

here's my research and some of my favorite options
starting from mattress up to blanket covers

favorite mattresses
they have a showroom in la and are the more economic line for haastens both are made by hand and with natural materials

pillows and duvets
my all time favorites are made of pure silk by blanc cocoon in the uk but easy to order

i am espescially partial to linen sheets
for organic and simple colors in organic linens raw ganique

another line that i absolutely love form italy is c&c milano

for striped linen from belgium
they have great table linens as well
and for more feminine linens
allegra collection
or another local la manufacturer

for blanket covers and skirts
i usually have my upholsterer make them and buy the fabric
some of my favorites are

holland & sherry sharing a space with harbinger in la
i recommend for blanket or cover a double face cashmere they sell called doppio

so when you fold it over you have a two tone delicious soft cashmere on both sides
they also do a striped silk velvet called sonata and some single ply cashmeres called royal dornoch

and of course loro piana now does a home collection
and for bedding a few of my choices are ladakh

i also really like their double faced herringbone linen called shannon

for this bed which has plain white cotton sheets which need ironing i used this linen for the blanket cover and skirt