Saturday, July 21, 2012

since i am on a roll with reviewing breathtaking cultural buildings
let's take a look at some inspiring sanctuaries
i am not religious but these buildings and spaces evoke an emotional response and move me

bruder klaus kapelle in mechernich, germany by peter zumthor

chiesa di san giovanni battista, mogno,switzerland by mario botta

porciuncula de la milagrosa chapel in bogota, colombia by daniel bonilla architects

church and pastoral center in seriate, italy by mario botta

monastery of novy dvur, czech republic

karmasaki shingle church, karmasaki,finland by lassila hirvilammi architects

holy rosary church complex, baton rouge, louisiana by trahan architects

chapel of light vanderbijlpark, gauteng, south africa by comrie and wilkinson


antioch baptist church, perry county, alabama

el roble chapel, coelemu, chile by 57studio

cathedral of our lady of the angels, los angeles, california by jose rafael moneo

st pierre church, firminy, france by le corbusier

st.henry's ecumenical art chapel in turku, finland by sanaksenaho architects
rothko chapel in houston, texas by mark rothko

notre-dame du laus sanctuary, haute alpes by rudy ricciotti

images cathedrale, saint priest by rudy ricciotti
not certain if built or proposed but divine
I found many of these in 'the phaidon atlas of 21st century world architecture'
it is a great tool and reference book

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