Saturday, July 14, 2012

museum not to miss that is opening fall 2012 in oslo and panama
amazing wineries
raising the bar
food and design merge
astrup fearnley museum of modern art in olso by renzo piano
biomuseo in panama by frank gehry

now for some wineries

gantenbein wine by architects valentin bearth, andrea deplazes and daniel ladner in fläsch, switzerland
vineyard gazebo in grobovka by chalupa and dum in prague, czechoslovakia
photos of next 2 wineries courtesy of interior design magazine june issue veuve clicquot ponsardin vip guest house in reims, france
ram's gate by orlando diaz-azcuy and howard backen in sonoma, california
dominus estate winery by herzog and de meuron in napa valley, california
viña pérez cruz tasting room by josé cruz ovalle in the malpo alto valley southeast of santiago, chile
heron hill winery, new york
carlos pulenta winery in argentina
lópez de heredia tasting room in rioja, spain by zaha hadid

bodega antion by j marino pascqual & ass., el ciego, spain
bodega laus by rambla cebollero architects, barbastro, spain
bodega irius by j marino pascqual & ass., barbastro, spain
see also for more
please share some of your favorites


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