Sunday, September 14, 2014

NY fashion week didn't want to miss the art

i want to share my 2 special site visits worth seeing if going to nyc
while in ny for fashion week for my inhouse textile cuffs

did not want to miss koontz exhibit at the whitney until october 19th. museum closes and reopens as metropolitan 20th+ contemporary space and koontz then goes to paris pompidou and bilbao

the collection is very comprehensive and i have a newly acquired respect for artist's technical execution
really liked some of the paintings
some of my favorite

some earlier works

since my last nyc visit the judd foundation reopened in soho and really enjoyed seeing his studio and works
no pictures allowed-reservations mandatory for guided visits

also this trip i visited the highline from 14th street meat packing entrance and enjoyed seeing the well designed walk, food, and new yorkers enjoying the landscape

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

i love stylepark

do you know this site?


it is worth looking at. i was reading the latest post and the

'what lodged in other's minds' icon caught my attention
different designers, bloggers, perspectives from the architecture venice biennale august 2014

there are many highlights but the one that spoke to me

charles brooking world of windows

so would like to think about and share windows that speak to us

sometimes its the quality of light and shadows(photo pinterest)
trying not to get captured by what one is looking at (photo pinterest)
but just for windows below are some of my favorites
which always seem to be architectural in nature and fabricated of metal mostly with small styles and rails


or the old world ones of wood or steel

and lastly the very clean contemporary sometimes with thin frame in wood or metal or frame less inoperable glass lights mounted with stand offs or against the background of stone and rough textures

this inspired windows came from a post on stylepark from ateliermob
portuguese architectural blog
i love how this posting has an exhibit with interesting points of view through panel slabs creating openings and cut outs

Sunday, July 20, 2014

in the works: buildings that renew and conserve energy

buildings that renew and conserve energy

the smog-removing pavilion is being built by nemesi studio

apparently it will be constructed of a cement that is photocatalytic. when sunlight beats on the exterior
it turns unhealthy particulate matter in the air into inert salts
story first heard about on take part a social action web site

by studio daniel libeskind
clad in a self-cleaning, air purifying, metalized tile
for other pavillions to come to milan see article in archdaily

another building in progress

phoenix internation media center, beijing by biad ufo
energy saving features include rainwater will be collected by dropping naturally along the structural ribs into the collection tank which locates at the bottom of the building. After being filtered, the rain water will be recycled to water the artistic waterscape and irrigation for landscape. The cone-shaped shared space, which is 30 meters high, generates the chimney effect, which provides natural air ventilation to save energy during transitional seasons.

Monday, June 23, 2014

dwell on design 2014

4th annual
getting much busier
great for finding new materials especially if a homeowner and new to contemporary, green products and building materials

my highlights
sky-frame-sliding doors with slight frames

amboise collection-wood grain porcelain tiles in beautiful shades of grey and silver

heatscope-infra red ambient indoor and outdoor heating

tango lighting-contemporary very square edged and some good reading lights
exaco-greehouses prefab type
metal progetti-automated closets

paint-rocky rochon paint seattle wa based
sparkfires-the cube covered outdoor fireplace

brizo-faucetry matte black collection-siderna collection

there's always an interesting product or piece of furniture
here's a cargo scooter by nimble

Sunday, June 8, 2014

new orleans

great place to visit
amazing antiques
fabulous food
here are some highlights from my latest trip
walked from one end of magazine street to the other plus soniat house

soniat house(little inn french quarter)

 balzac antiques and following stores on magazine street

ann koerner

patricia thompson

pavement: new furniture store

and my favorite antique dealer
kevin stone

if you want to sight see
the WWII museum is worth a visit

best restaurants from this visit
cochon butcher: it's' hard to eat a po'boy after this sandwich spot

piggy mac and mac n' cheese at cochon butcher

gw fins: amazing sea food in french quarter
r'evolution: nouveaux creole, we had so much foie gras
cafe beignets: the best beignets
creole creamery: unique flavors and super delicious

on our list to try next trip recommended by kevin stone
liuzza's on bienville
the italian barrel

preservation hall: awesome all star jazz performance close up and personal