Sunday, March 30, 2014


fort home
roman forts and hill forts were the main antecedents of castles in europe, which emerged in the 9th century in the carolingian empire
a strong place usually surrounded by walls
means strong in french

from huffington post 03/24/14

artist designs surreal futuristic forts that can withstand natural disaster

dauphin island off coast of alabama in gulf of mexico by dionisio gonzalez

stone home found on pinterest
old fort, muscat
the comfort of security

leacanabuaile fort, ireland
jaisalmer fort, india

fort lupin, batardeau

hill forts of rajasthan

Sunday, March 2, 2014

concrete furniture and luccon

i love and adore concrete
for buildings exteriors and interiors alike

i am excited about this new material made of cement

i always check out material connexion for newest textiles and materials on market

widely used for sinks, planters but here are
some interesting applications in furniture

toncelli kitchen island progetto 50
glass soft concrete freestanding tub
factory furniture camden bench
nola grid chair
portland cement pendant lamp
ep9 concrete pendant light
billiard table made by dewulf concrete in la no longer in business but may have seen it at james perse
pennoyer newman

poesis pulp chair and sofa

Saturday, February 15, 2014

updated website and now have ecart

best of houzz

i want to share my excitement as having been nominated for two consecutive years as best of houzz

Remodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home Design

please see my updated web site and logo
hopefully it looks modified yet familiar
here's the home page with new look

you can click on and view 2014 look book for textile jewelry and accessories
and purchase a selection of them in ecart with pay pal

you can also make inquiry and order some of my home shelter products
cart chair
kitchen island made of recycled paper
metallic composite tiles
metallic stone tiles
metallic wood tiles coming soon!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

highlights from la art show

i found it a overall underwhelming
but here are my highlights

eddie rehm, at gloria delson arts

pancho luna, graffity literature series mixed media $15000 at timothy yarger fine art

linda touby, pigeons 319 oil and wax on linen $8500 at timothy yarger fine art

liu da di, far away, platinum&palladium on paper $15000 + tube $2000

jordi alcaraz, ink,& miexed media $24000 at jack rutberg fine arts
george condo, oil&charcoal $140000 at jack rutberg fine arts
lawrence carroll, mixed media at ace gallery
mabel alvarez, oil on masonite at 445 park
there were a few other important art works at several galleries, most notably abby m taylor fine art
there was a small antique and jewelry section
a van gogh museum edition of prints

and these charming prints found along the way

zhou hao, japan

there was a very commercial looking art, made of plastics and acrylic, that i found to be very short lived and artificial, and mostly the show was a disappointment compared to last year. the galleries were more diverse and interesting. we seemed to be seeing much less variety this year.

if you missed
next year dates are january 14-18 2015

Friday, January 24, 2014

counterpoint in design

i always get a rush when i am surprised
counterpoint in design
does it everytime
here are some examples that are rich in their choices

the louvre does it again and again

this has already been posted from my last visit to paris this past summer but has been an inspiration ever since