Sunday, July 8, 2012

museums:great buildings

i am finding myself visiting museums for the architecture and others for the exhibits
are museums attempting to bring visitors for their buildings alone?

here are some on my list to visit and some of my all time favorites

the nelson atkins museum of art bloch building, kansas city, mi
the pulitzer foundation for the arts, st louis, mo
akron art museum, akron,oh
lois and richard rosenthal center for contemporary art, cincinatti, oh

the new museum, bowery, ny
de young museum, san francisco, ca
leeum museum,samsung  seoul, korea by rem koolhas 3 buildings museum 2 by jean nouvel, museum 1 by mario botta
santra istanbul, turkey
interactive museum de la historia, lugo, spain
maxxi museo rome, italy
holocaust history museum, jerusalem, israel
national museum of australia, cranberra, australia
kalmar museum of art, kalmar, sweeden
vulcania museum, st-ours-les roches, france
canadian war museum, ottowa, canada
denver art museum, denver, colorado
magma art and congress hall, tenerife, spain
casa das mudas arts center, calheta, portugal
kolumba art museum, koln, germany
i could look at the many angles of this museum so many great spots architect is peter zumthor he is brilliant
langen foundation, neuss, germany
red location museum, port elizabeth, south africa

museum of granite, hauzenberg, germany
klee center, bern, switzerland
museum reitberg, zurich, switzerland
new acropolis museum, athens, greece
and my all time favorite that i never tire of seeing and my breath is taken away every time

pei's traingle in front of the louvre, paris
and i also love the department of the islam arts at the louvre by rudy ricciotti one of my favorite architects along with peter zumthor

and some of his other museums

he is a genius

if you have any to share please do

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  1. Wow. Fantastic monster there. The urbanity monster striding forth, as it does in most cities of the world. Nice hand-drawn banner too. Something like this image, , by French painter Fernand Léger, maybe effective painted large on a wall too, acknowledged as a copy of course. It can be seen at and a canvas print of it can be ordered from there.