Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer interns

School is out, graduation has come and gone, kids home from college, and in my case one home after a work internship, and one just graduating high school; schedules are all changed, and unpredictable: HELP!!!
Thank god for my summer intern, Sam. Luckily for me, he is returning for a second summer in a row, so no need to have down time with regard to transitioning into full work mode. I have been speaking to friends who are afraid to hire a summer intern, for fear that just when they need extra help, they have to devote more time for explanation, to do lists, training, etc...It is worth every minute of discomfort. You are helping someone gain experience, accumulate volunteer work hours, and possibly find out if this is a worthwhile career move.
You may find that you will learn as much from them, as they learn from you.
If you are looking for help with digital communication, or web work, and not necessarily shelter or architectural type of work, try looking at your local junior college or university. There is also Craig's list. you will receive many replies, but you must take the time to check references. If you are in the LA area, I have placed adds at FIDM for students adept at CDA drawings and many other programs. Sam attends Woodbury University in Burbank, and they also have a career center. Also try Art center College of Design, for digital student masters.
So this week I was designing a bar for a client and I asked Sam to draw up versions of my ideas in 3D. He taught me about a new quick sketch program from Google called SketchUp by Trimble. It can be downloaded for free, so it's available to anyone. It is much easier to learn then CAD, and you can ask google questions if you need help, as well as tutorials, etc...You can add colors and materials, spin around the views, and print in many formats. here , you can watch a video how to on you tube.

Here you are looking at the same bar sketch in different views, so you can look at and reflect on your design in 3D, by simply using the spin around button after you have done your layout.
Try it, it takes a little practice, but pretty easy to use.

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