Sunday, June 3, 2012

art and paint

art gallery exhibition openings in conjunction with Hammer's LAXART and paint

made in la 2012 at the hammer-survey of la based artists
opened june 1st for members and june 2nd to the public
and also at a few other venues including laxart on la cienega

at la cienega gallery i did not get it at all some painted tennis shoes etc...

a gallery at hammer museum

the five noteworthy artists of the 38 featured for me were
 scoli acosta-liz glynn-channa horwitz-joel otterson-analia saban-they don't allow photos but i snuck a few in- i espescially liked this art/digital combined wall installation

 while on la cienega there were a few other galleries with new exhibits through early july that are definitely worth seeing
louis de jesus

gallery 1 michael kindred knight

small but grouped closer together would be great
blum & poe

this was my favorite exhibit of all works by zhu jinshi
very large and very textural the paint is extremely heavily applied

good use of color

great neutrals and mixed sizes

great use of paint
speaking of paint
i have been working all week with a client's urgent paint needs
have for the first time used portola paints
have a lime wash finish-milky and amazing for outdoor walls and will make any custom color
great glazes that only require the use of two paints and not an artist to apply
but the most impressive is the roman clay
it looks like venetian plaster yet any painter can apply
i did samples on the wall myself with a large plastic putty knife and it looks amazing
it requires two thin coats and light sanding in between

amazing paint product

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