Saturday, June 23, 2012

shelters in the landscape

when the weather gets warm we all love to spend more time outdoors but we still like shelter
there is nothing like primitive or minimal structure that forms great space to house an outdoor environment that is inviting and serene
the essential components are shade, and a beautiful landscape or setting, without any utilities

this is one of my favorites the Lee tree house in Singapore by Joseph Lim architect
a summer pavillion in Maine
a sophisticated multi purpose play structure for kids but fit for everyone
Dougherty sculptures are magical
source may/june2009 southern accents
Holy Rope 25' x 10 ' reeds and bamboo, 1992 winding around an ancient tree in Japan
less extravagant spaces but equally special

Maria Agnelli's private terrace shaded by a split-bamboo pergola Madison Cox Design

or rig up your own creation

Costalegre Mexico
pick a great spot and set one up yourself for a summer party or temporary use
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