Saturday, October 5, 2013

designer and shelter product websites:which do you visit?

i would love to get your feedback on the shelter/design sites you visit
to get ideas
to find product
to find a designer


do you look for product here?
do you buy product here?
do you use and save to idea books?
do you look for pros on this site?
do you read the reviews?

Please see my houzz profile, and tell me if you have any ideas about how to improve it


do you look for product here?
do you find the prices intimidating?
do you get ideas from the designers?
do you ever write or contact them for information on an item you have seen?

Please see my dering hall profile, and make any comments

New Site not yet live
what i like about this site is that designers give you looks with ideas, inspiration and product and
anyone can purchase these products directly from this site, so sign up and be notified as soon it opens!

Please see my decortiva profile

new shelter site, do you know it? have you purchased anything on its shop pages?
my entertainment feature

do you shop the sales? or the tastemaker tag sales? or both?

have you purchased on this site?

any sites you like and use that i did not mention?
please share with me

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