Sunday, December 2, 2012

stone for walls

i am so behind and would guess that i am a not such an efficient blogger as it has been a month
with kids home for thanksgiving and too many projects on my plate
here i am looking at stone for a client's exterior walls and some interior as well

a walling stone that is local and that i have always had my eye on
from cross creek bldg center in malibu is
moss flagstone
moss flagstone sold by weight in 1.5" thickness
another walling stone is montecito stone wall cladding
from phoenician stone

also like easy to find texas cream cladding
here from floor tile and slate company
texas cream
also available in slabs

a material that i have wanted to use is a cement stone by dac-art
a concrete block building system
and some european options that i am waiting for samples to possibly order
bricks that come in full size by pallet or veneer options per piece
briques blanche forum square edges
briques retro casalina aged edges
briques retro hamesse
there are many more color options

and i am exploring getting Syrian stone and this beautiful stone from favignana, sicily
that i first saw on archilovers website
project cave bianche hotel
quarry favignana italy
 see also project saraceno for nice use of stone but not my favorite material

of course there all also amazing reclaimed stones but much costlier

one of my favorite uses of it are on ningbo museum by wang shu

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  1. Natural stone cladding gives an pleasant view to eyes and now they are available in different shades and color.